Oh No! The Harley’s.

The bikes...

The bikes…

We’ve been in the same place for 7 months.  We’re getting ready to head out to Colorado in a few days then on to Pennsylvania to visit our daughter & 2 granddaughters for a few weeks.

We will be gone for 3 months.

Anyway on to the Harley’s.

We had the garage ready to put the bikes in.  Ramp was down.  George was on my bike.  The ramp looked like it was on a somewhat steep angle but not too steep.  Boy were we wrong!

George got up the ramp but as soon as he got to the top the bike caught on the ramp floor & stopped dead.  He started to roll back with me chasing him.  I didn’t want him to fall over…on MY bike!

When he got to the end of the ramp..over he went!  Bike was racing…on it’s left side!  George was on the ground.  Unfortunately for him I was more concerned about my bike at the moment.

He was fine..just a little blood where he ripped his hand open but I knew he would live.

Lesson learned!  We decided we’ll have to wait until we pull out & are on level ground before we load the bikes from now on.


The ramp…


The dip…the BIG problem!


Car is Sold!

Just sold our car! We are now a 1 vehicle family. That’s all we need though since we’ll just be traveling the rest of our lives.


A little kitchen update…

Had an hour to kill so I painted this area, let it dry then put up these tiles. Only took 8 tile sections. I like it. Not sure what to do with the top edge, if anything. Need to get some spackling to fill in the seam. Will touch up then.  Love Benjamin Moore Aura Paint!  Paint & primer in one.  Covers in one coat.  Dries in 20 minutes.   Absolutely no odor.

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