A Year in Review….

It’s been a year since we started this Great American Adventure!  What a wild ride it’s been so far!
I unexpectedly quit my job of 22 years with a 30 minute notice.  Our plan to RV full time got moved up about 3 years.
George put his business up for sale.
We bought our 40′ 5th wheel toy hauler.  Sold everything we owned.  Sold our home of 20+ years & moved into our 5th wheel. 

sold 2015-04-28-11_16_41



We found a beautiful park to move the 5th wheel to, Timberlane RV Park & Resort http://timberlanervpark.com20160116_081559



We moved here November 1, 2015 and stayed until July 1, 2016.  George’s business sold & closed in June 2016.

While we were here the motor on our bedroom slide had to be replaced, the living room air conditioner had to be replaced,  we made some changes inside the rig…

before 20160213_155612




One of our Goldens, Daisy, passed away.  This happened in February.   We thought, maybe it would be easier to travel with just 1 golden retriever, Tori, and our cat, Alley.


That lasted about a week!  Tori was depressed.  We were depressed.  We were a 2 dog family!  We started our search for another Golden.  Daisy was a rescue & was such a good girl we knew we only wanted another rescue.  We ended up with Annie…a goldendoodle!  She was not a rescue but an 8 week old puppy!  We were NOT prepared for a puppy!

20160423_101433 20160424_085556






We prepared to take our first road trip…July, August & September.  We wanted to be back in Florida October, November & December.
We spent the next 2 weeks getting the rig ready.  George made an appointment to have the brakes checked on the rig as well as getting 6 new tires.  We took it to A & A Trailer in Bradenton, http://www.aandatrailerhitch.com.
They had the tires off & were checking the brakes.  The brakes were shot!  We not only had 6 new tires put on but we had to replace all 6 brakes!






While we were waiting for the brakes to come in our refrigerator stopped working.  We need a new refrigerator!
Finally…off to some of the western states!  Our 1st stop was St. Cloud, FL.  Our 2 boys & their families live here…5 minutes from each other.
Brent & Ashley (& Lyla) live on 5 acres east of St. Cloud. 




He put in 50 amp service so we could park at his place.  It’s a 3 hour drive.  We going to stay 3 days…best laid plans!

While there our little Annie was playing outside with Tori, Zoe & Emma (Brent & Ashley’s 2 Goldens).  She ran, full speed, into the L pin on our front leveling jack!



This is one expensive dog!  1 surgery & $1200 later…



Now…off to Colorado!

Ran out of fuel in Texas!




July 15…made it to Cortez, CO!

Had to take Annie to a vet in Durango.  She had an infection where she had been stitched up.


Another surgery, 2-3 visits for the next couple of weeks & $2000 later…  Plus an extra week’s stay…in Durango.

Found out our “gas tank” was leaking!  It supplies gas to the generator & also serves to fill the bikes if needed.  Patched it.


Made the best of this unexpected stay…rode the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton & Ouray, CO!




August 8…off to Cripple Creek, CO





August 16…off to Cheyenne, WY. 

WAIT!  Only made it to Colorado Springs.  The brakes on the truck were smoking!  BAD!  Had to get new brakes on the truck so we spent 3 days in Colorado Springs.  Made the best of it.  Got to ride up Pike’s Peak!





August 19…now we’re off to Cheyenne, WY.







August 26…on to Keystone, SD (Mt. Rushmore)  Took some fantastic rides…Sturgis & Deadwood, Custer State Park, Needles Highway & Iron Mountain Road!





September 5…headed to Morton, IL to see my best friend…Julie Cleveland!

(More on this & rest of our trip in separate blogs…soon I hope)  We had reservations at Carl Spindler State Park outside of Morton September 8-11. 

We decided to really take our time getting there.  Decided to stop in Waterloo, IA for a couple days.  Ready to head out on the 7th but…the bar that runs across the leveling jacks broke so we couldn’t hook up!  Ended up there until September 9th waiting on the part then installing it!





September 9…another delay but finally got to Morton, IL around 7pm.





September 12…on to Pennsylvania to see our daughter & her family for a couple weeks.

She, Fid & the girls had just moved into their new log home a couple days before we got there…oh yeah!  Poor kids. 20160925_185331



They also had a 50 amp service so we hooked up there a few steps from their place.

September 26…off to Luray, VA…to see the Caverns!  Spent 2 days!  This is a must see!

20160927_105924 20160927_102447



September 30…made it back to Timberlane RV Park in Bradenton, FL.  Here until January 1, 2017 but will probably leave December 17 & head over to St. Cloud for an early Christmas with the boys & their families then on to….somewhere between there & Las Vegas, NV!  Meeting our friends, Ray & Jackie, January 22-26 for a well deserved “Vegas Fix”!

Thinking we may not come back to Florida until November for a couple of months.  October this year was SO hot!


Car is Sold!

Just sold our car! We are now a 1 vehicle family. That’s all we need though since we’ll just be traveling the rest of our lives.


A little kitchen update…

Had an hour to kill so I painted this area, let it dry then put up these tiles. Only took 8 tile sections. I like it. Not sure what to do with the top edge, if anything. Need to get some spackling to fill in the seam. Will touch up then.  Love Benjamin Moore Aura Paint!  Paint & primer in one.  Covers in one coat.  Dries in 20 minutes.   Absolutely no odor.

13502015_1263719726979225_8215824256857478489_n 13507102_1263719740312557_5399004714297965620_n13510959_1263719806979217_7328879843586148659_n 13466495_1263719790312552_1664647962035381177_n13516203_1263719816979216_2314213055976579298_n 13512041_1263719833645881_4130527938274076453_n

Getting the Rig Ready for Full Time Living!

Well…the house is sold.  Suppose to close Nov 4, 2015.  We had an estate sale last weekend and sold almost everything we owned.  The house is bare & echo’s.  Our dogs, Tori & Daisy, don’t know what to think.  The cat, Alley, just wanders around looking for a place to lay.  Our 2 boys, ages 35 & 37, came over from Orlando a few days ago to help clean out the garages.  We had a 10 yard dumpster delivered last week for this very purpose.  We filled that one in a few hours & had to have another one delivered Friday afternoon.  These things aren’t cheap, $200 for the dumpster, $60 per ton dump fee.  They gave us a discount on the 2nd one, $150 + dump fees.  Doesn’t seem like much but $50 is $50.  If the boys couldn’t have come over it would have either taken us weeks to do what they did in a matter of hours or we would have had to hire someone to do it.

We took our 5th wheel to Camping World last Wednesday for tires, wheel bearings/brakes check, 45 point inspection & generator check.  We should be able to pick it up Monday.  So far nothing major in the 45 point inspection.  Roof is fine.  May need an overlay in another year.  They found an LP leak that will be repaired.

We are moving the rig Nov 1, 2015 to a nice campground in Bradenton, FL, http://timberlanervpark.com.  We won’t be traveling until my husband gets his business sold.  He owns a Martin’s Famous Potato Roll bread route.  He’s had a lot of inquires.