We Finally Made it to Quartzite, AZ…But What a Trip Out Here!

Our trip out here was pretty uneventful (until Dec 26)…thank God! We stayed here and there when we left Brent and Ashley’s in St. Cloud, FL (just outside Orlando) on Thursday, December 22.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

River’s Edge RV Campground, Holt, FL ***** $27 nt total FHU including cable

Friday, December 23, 2016

Walmart parking lot, Lake Charles, LA *** It was free and it was a parking lot. Parked along the side. Manager said if we parked there we could put our slides out on that side. We only put our living room slide out.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

North Llano River RV Park, Junction, TX ***** $35 nt total FHU including cable

Decided since it was Christmas Eve we would stay in a campground, cook a ham & scallop potato dinner and just relax. We were so tired we had grilled ham & cheese then went to bed.

This was a nice park with large sites, a camp store, Laundromat & dog run.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chevron Truck Stop, Vado, NM **** It was a truck stop.


What a nice Truck Stop. Huge parking lot. We were able to park away from the tractor-trailers & put all of our slides out. Pretty quiet but still very close to I-10.

We woke up around 6am. Tori started in heat! What a mess. Blood everywhere- sheets, carpet, rugs, kitchen, etc. Blood clots. She had never had a heat like this.

Monday, December 26-Thursday, December 29

Left Chevron at 7:45 am. Filled up gas for generator. We were about 3 ½ hours from Tucson, AZ.

Tori was still bleeding…a lot! Decided we should just go as far as Tucson then find a vet…today.

Found a campground, Prince of Tucson RV Park**** (only 4*. Staff was wonderful, park was very clean & tidy. 2 laundry rooms with newer washer & dryers. A few really old people that were unpleasant & seemed to live here all the time) then found a vet a few miles away, St. Mary’s Veterinary Clinic. They said it sounded like Pyrometra. A disease in female dogs that hadn’t been spayed. Cysts can form in the uterus and on the ovaries that are full of puss. If they were to burst dogs usually die within 48 hours.

They could see us at 2pm.

We got to the rv park at 1:15pm. Got parked & hooked up. We didn’t even get the dogs out of the truck. Just headed for the vets office.

The vet said he had never seen this much blood with a dog in heat…never he kept saying. They did blood work. It all came back normal. She didn’t have a fever but the vet kept saying something is definitely wrong!

He said we could take her to a facility that did ultrasounds to see if there were any tumors or anything else that could be wrong. He also said he could do x-ray’s. It would show abnormalities but not specifics. We opted for the x-ray’s. They didn’t show anything abnormal. The vet knew something was wrong, probably Pyrometra.

We scheduled surgery for the next day.

We took her in at 7am. The vet wanted to do one more x-ray before the surgery. We got a call at 2pm. Tori was out of surgery and in recovery. She was doing well. All her stitches were inside so we didn’t have to stay to have them removed.

It was definitely Pyrometra. There was a large cyst in her uterus and a cyst on her ovary. We were SO lucky to have found a vet that was caring, knowledgeable and that could see Tori quickly.

We stayed another day, just to make sure Tori was going to be ok. She seemed much better so off we were…to our destination…Quartzite, AZ.

Thursday, December 29-Saturday, January 21

Made it to Quartzite about 1:45 pm. Staying at La Pose LTVA South (long term visitors area).

From September 15 – April 15 anyone can stay for up to 7 months for just a $180 seasonal pass. There are many LTVA’s in Arizona and California. This pass admits you into any of these.

We decided to stay in the South LTVA because they had potable water & a dump station. Since this was our 1st boondocking experience we figured we wanted to be close to these 2 “conveniences”.

Friday, December 30

Georgie’s eye started bothering him. He put contacts in on Thursday before we left for Quartzite. They felt fine. He woke up Friday. They were bothering him a little. By late morning he decided to take them out & just wear his glasses.

He must have got something under his contact that scratched his eye. His eye has been watering non-stop! And his damn nose won’t stop running! He’s gone through a whole box of Kleenex…in 3 days! And his eye is killing him!

Thank God it’s been mostly overcast the last few days. The bright sun REALLY hurts his eye.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

We can’t use our Keurig while on solar so we have a drip coffee maker. We pour hot water over coffee. It makes about 4-5 cups of coffee. It has a metal filter that you put a paper filter in to put the coffee in.

The filter is on the right. Somehow…not really sure how, but that filter was thrown in the trash. We took the trash up to 1 of the 6 dumpsters they have here.

As I was straightening up the kitchen & putting everything in its place I noticed the filter wasn’t in the pot. I looked everywhere for it. I finally realized I must have thrown it out when I was throwing out the paper filter with the grounds in it.

Shit! This is going to be a shitty job…dumpster diving for a metal filter! Off to the dumpsters we go, ladder in tow.

We get to the dumpsters. Georgie says he threw the trash in the 3rd dumpster from the left. He said the dumpster was almost empty so it would be close to the bottom. OH YEAH!

To our surprise it was the shortest dumpster and there was very little trash in there. No ladder needed. Spotted our trash, reached in and pulled it out, found the filter and VIOLA…it’s a wonderful thing!

Got back to the rig…2 ½ miles from the dumpster by the way, boiled it for a while and breathed a sigh of relief! We didn’t want to have to run to Parker, AZ (an hour away) to find another coffee pot.

So far, life as we know it is back to normal…except for Georgie’s eye…it’s still killing him!

Monday, January 2, 2017

We haven’t had a lot of sun since we arrived. We need the sun to charge our solar so we run the generator a couple times a day to charge the batteries. Our batteries stay between 12v-12.3v without the generator.

We watch 3-5 hours of TV (mostly at night). The generator gets our batteries up to around 13.1v so we can have this luxury.



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