Ahhhh…Quartzite, AZ!

January 19, 2017

Well…we’ve been here since December 29th. We’re 2.7 miles from the hard road, US 95. We keep saying we couldn’t have found a nicer spot. We have all the space in world it seems. We are about ¼ mile off the main road…just a single lane gravel road (more like a path). We have to look hard to see another rig. This is our view from atop the 5th wheel. Look at all this space we have!

The weather isn’t as warm as we were expecting. I guess before we head somewhere we should check the weather and the median temperatures. The temps here run mid 60’s during the day, upper 40’s to lower 50’s over night and in the morning.

We’ve had a lot more sun. The solar is working great! We don’t feel like we’re doing without boondocking. We spend a lot of time outside with the dogs.

We did break down and buy a satellite…Dish…$40 month. We got a new antenna when we had our roof put on this last fall. It worked ok the few times we used it. We just like to get the news in the morning and maybe in the evening. Well…it works for shit here! Once in a while we may get a network channel but usually just PBS. We are not PBS people! I thought…no big deal, we’ll just go in town and get a news paper every day or so. Yeah well…it was hit or miss. Sometimes they had the paper, sometimes they didn’t. The newspaper wasn’t really cutting it either.

Maybe it wasn’t the TV we needed, just some noise. We bought a radio. That was ok too but…not really.

We went into town a few days ago to see if we could find someone to come out and look at our antenna and wiring. Maybe the wiring was the problem. There are A LOT of rigs here…big ones, small ones, all different kinds. A lot of them had their antennas up. We paid great attention to which way they were facing. We had ours facing the same directions. Nothing! That’s why we thought maybe it was our wiring.

We stopped at Satellite Advantage in town. It was a little building, kind of set back from the road, facing a gravel parking lot…with a tall chain link fence around it. We finally figured out how to get in. It was a busy little place! 2 people behind the long counter, both helping 2 people at a time. We noticed they had DISH, Direct TV, some other satellite TV as well as a few different antennas. We were checking out the antennas. Trying to decide which would work better and HOW we would attach it to our rig.

After about 15 minutes a lady came from behind the counter to help us. She explained how we would have to attach one of these antennas. We would have to by a pole at least 20 ft tall. The antenna would be attached to the top. It had to be at least 20 feet above ground to get any channels. She also explained that all the channels they get here come from Phoenix, almost 100 miles away. She also said that they come and go. We may have 8-12 channels in the morning and only have 1-2 later in the day. We explained what we were getting and if there was anyone that could come look at our wiring. They had a guy that could come out in an hour. Cool!

Gene was here in less than an hour. He started looking at our wiring, checking it with this yellow thing he called a stick. He checked both the living room and the bedroom. After about 45 minutes he said the wiring was all good. Shit! We just knew it had to be the wiring! He said the charge for his services would be $150. If we were getting DISH or Direct TV the owner would probably discount this.

We looked at each other and said, “What the hell! Let’s just bite the bullet and get it.”

He left. We jumped in the truck and headed back to Satellite Advantage. We decided on DISH. Gene followed us back here, hooked everything up, and showed us how to use it. Viola! We had TV…that we could actually watch. News! And some other shows we like to watch in the evening. Everything was right with the world again!

Now to figure out what to do about internet access. We have none! Our phones are shit! Paper weights! It takes 2 days for a text to be sent never mind trying to send a picture. We are in the desert…definitely off the grid!

We have SPRINT. Our plan has unlimited everything, free roaming, no throttling. We’ve had this plan almost 17 years and have been very happy with it. Until now! Nothing! We can barely make a call. I’ve spent hours on the phone with tech support, even speaking to several supervisors. The last time, a couple days ago, my call got dropped 4 times! 4 times! Unbelievable! Each time I called right back only to get someone else asking me to do this or do that. I explained each time that I had already done that and just wanted to speak to a supervisor. It was very hard for me to keep my cool. I could never get the same person I had before. I was very nice and very respectful. More flies with sugar I kept thinking.

Nothing has been resolved…we still have paper weights. I just haven’t worked up the courage to try calling again. I don’t want to cry…LOL!

We are headed to Las Vegas on Friday, January 20th for Georgie’s birthday, our yearly trip, except last year. We’re meeting friends. They fly in on the 22nd. We wanted to stay on the strip. Circus Circus has a campground right behind their hotel and casino. That’s where we’ll be. Our friends are staying at Treasure Island so we’ll be pretty close.

I’m looking forward to having phone and internet! The casinos are just a bonus. It’s the little things.

Georgie’s bike broke. We were going to take a nice ride. I needed gas so we headed into town and stopped at the 1st gas station. Georgie’s bike sounded bad. I got gas and we headed back to our rig. We were just a mile from our site and his bike stopped! It just stopped. No sputtering, nothing. Here we sat…on the side of a dusty gravel road. He tried to start it more than once. Nope. Nothing. Pushing it a mile on a gravel road wasn’t really an option. I know…I’ll tow him. I’ll go get the truck, get a rope and tow him. Yeah…no rope. But we had a long orange extension cord. You know, the kind you use in a garage. You put a light bulb in one end and plug the other end in. It’s about 20 feet long.

Georgie looked at me like I had 2 heads. He said in the 47 years he’s been riding he’s never been towed. That’s ok I thought. In the 42 years I have been driving I’ve never towed a motorcycle. I headed to the “house”. I got the extension cord and the truck. I also grabbed the Harley book for his bike and a small bag of tools. He could fix it!

I got back to him and told him I brought his book and tools. He said it was something electrical. He couldn’t fix electrical, at least not sitting on the side of the road. So we are going tow it.

We got the bike hooked to the truck…about 10 feet behind the truck. It was scary! I drove between 4 mph to 6 mph. We made it! It was exciting! Not really.

We asked around. 2 people recommended Desert Thunder in Lake Havasu City, about 90 miles away. We jumped in the truck and headed up there. Georgie talked to the owner. He had a guy that could pick up the bike the next morning. He was here at 6 am. It was the voltage regulator. Thank God! At least it was nothing major. They replaced it and the battery. We picked it up the next afternoon.

Lake Havasu City is where the London Bridge is. We saw it…and drove over it!

One of the more exciting things we get to do is empty the black tank…the shitter! If we were in an RV park we would just hook up to the sewer. We are in the desert…not an RV park. Things are a little different here. We have a 32 gallon tank we empty the shitter in to. We have to be careful. We have a 60 gallon black tank. If we filled it up we’d really have a shitty mess! We only go 6 days between emptying. Then we hook it up to the back of the truck and head 2 ½ miles to where we can empty and rinse it.

We are loving it here. The big RV show starts the 20th. It’s starting to fill up here. I have gotten very possessive about our spot. There’s hardly any traffic by us so when we hear or see a rig go by I keep saying, “They better not park near us. I’ll have to take my clothes off and run outside!” We ARE in the nudist area…just by chance.

Georgie was out with the dogs today playing ball when a guy in a pickup pulled into our area. I looked out the window to see Georgie talking to him. He left. I asked what he wanted. Georgie said, “He was a hippie. He wanted to know if there was an outhouse close. I told him the closest one was up near the entrance. He said he heard that people were naked back here. Haven’t seen any yet.”

If you camp in a tent you have to be within 500 feet of an outhouse, that’s why he was asking.

More to come…

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