Starting Our 2017 Road Trip…a little early

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Headed to St. Cloud, Fl to have an early Christmas with the boys and their families.  5 of our 7 grandbabies are over there, Trinity- 15, Tyler-9, Cayden-5, Lyla-3, Lucas-1 mo.

Parking at Brent & Ashley’s.   They have 5 acres & 50 amp service.

Going to head out on December 22nd.  Making our way to Quartzsite, AZ before January 1.

While we were in Bradenton, Fl  (October 1-December 17) we had a new roof put on at Elite RV in Palmetto.   It’s called RV Armor.  It comes with a lifetime warranty.

We also had solar installed.  3-160 w panels, 6-6v deep cell batteries, 3000 w inverter as well as a charge controller.  Hoping to spend 9-10 months boondocking  (dry camping).

We tried it out the other day and had several interior lights, 2 32″ TV’s & 3 Fantastic fans on. With all that on we were only running a 6% load.  We turned the air conditioner on with no problem but figure it would drain our batteries in a couple hours.  Figure we could go 5-7 days with no sun charging our batteries.  We also have a 5500 w generator if we need it.  We’re so excited to be able to live “off the grid”!

Had a nice surprise when we got to Brent’s!   Josh Halligan, one of Brent’s best friends growing up, was parked out in the street.  He drives for Swift & just happened to be in the area dropping off a load.  Was really nice catching up!  He was a fixture at our house!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Left Brent & Ashley’s this morning headed to Arizona.

Ashley, Lyla & baby Lucas
Brandon & Trinity came over.  He was on gate duty!

Had a great time as always.  Christmas last night at Brandon’s.

Tyler, Trinity, baby Lucas, Lyla & Cayden

This is all for now.  (Going to try to keep this updated better than before)

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