OMG! Glad we weren’t…on the road…

What started as an easy night…

George made a huge pot of his famous spaghetti sauce.  Going to have dinner with Brandon, Tyler & Cayden, Brent, Ashley & Lyla.
All the dogs, Zoe & Emma (Brent & Ashley’s Goldens) Tori & Annie (ours) were out in the yard running around, playing & racing about 7 pm.  Brent & Brandon were in the yard watching the dogs play, I was in back of the rig showing Tyler the garage ramp.  He was curious as to how we were going to get the Harley’s out.
At 7:05 pm this horrible screaming was coming from one of the dogs.  I ran around to the side of the rig.  It was Annie!  She was screaming!  Blood all over the front of her.
When I first saw her it looked like a lot of blood coming from her mouth.  I thought she hit her face on the steps to the rig.  The boys were right there with her trying to pick her up.  All I heard was, “She ran into that thing!”  That thing…I thought it was the side of the steps.  I quickly picked her up.  She was all curled up screaming.   I carried her into the rig & put her in the kitchen sink.  She stopped screaming & was just whimpering.
As I was trying to see what happened to her face the boys kept saying, “It’s not her face, it’s her leg!  Her leg!  It’s her leg!”
It took me a few seconds to hear what they were saying.  I tried to look at her leg.  All she would do was cry & pull her leg away.  After about 30 seconds she let me look at it.  So much blood.
Brent had grabbed some clean rags from his garage.  We put one on her leg & kept pressure on it to try to stop the bleeding.
Brandon said he thought she broke her leg.  He said she was running so fast she ran right into the front leveling jack, the L shaped thing that adjusts the legs up or down.  He said, “Mom, she was racing around with the other dogs.  She was running so fast.  She ran into that thing & just started screaming!”
The boys were calling their vets.  One answered & said they were closed but referred us to an Emergency Vet in Kissimmee, Dr. Barnett.  Off we went…racing to the vet, Tori in tow.  She wasn’t letting us take Annie anywhere without her.
Spent about an hour at the vet.  They were wonderful!  Because the laceration was so bad they had to put her under to do the surgery.  Surgery would take about 90 minutes.  We were allowed to carry her into the operation room & stay with her until the put the IV in.  They had to stitch her nerve, stitch her muscle & then stitch her skin.  It was pretty bad.  They said it might take a couple of months for her to get back to normal and even then, if the nerve doesn’t heal right she may have a limp.  Her aspirations for being a Show Dog just went down the drain…LOL!
We left Annie and took a drive around town.  We had lived in Kissimmee 20+ years ago so we thought we’d just drive around and see if we recognized anything.  We didn’t see a lot that looked familiar anymore.
We got back to the vet at 10:15 pm.  Annie started barking as soon as she heard our voices.  Tori wasn’t waiting, she had to see her Sis.  We walked back.  There was Annie, standing, barking & growling a little.  She was ready to go home!
We headed home.  Both the girls were happy to be together…again!
We got home about 11 pm.  Annie jumped out of the car & tried to run around the yard.  Tori stuck with her…she knew things weren’t quite right with her Sis.
Oh…and as an added bonus, when Brent was trying to pick her up she bit him.  She bit him so hard that one of her baby teeth was stuck in his hand.  He put peroxide on it & will be ok.
And on and on….

Right after the “Event”


Waiting for the Vet


The wound. Nerve & muscle damage


Tori feels better. Took her to Dairy Queen while we waited for Annie.


On the way home


The culprit!


Back out playing this morning with Tori, Zoe & Emma! What a trooper!


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