Slight Delay!

These are our old brakes on the rig.  We were planning on heading out July 1, however….we had an appointment to have the brakes & bearings checked on Monday June 26….just to make sure all was good BEFORE we started towards Colorado.  Well….we needed all 6 brakes replaced as well as backing plates, magnets & drums.  They are Dexter never-lube (sealed bearings).  So….they had to order them from Indiana.  Since it was coming up on a holiday weekend….you guessed it!

We had an appointment today, Wednesday July 6, to have the new ones put on.  A 4-5 hour job.  We took it in at 8 am.  Picked it up at 1:30 pm.

Oh, then we had to get the refrigerator fixed.  It stopped cooling Thursday June 29.  Again with the holiday!

Anyway, they came at 2 pm today and fixed that….a 2 hour job.

So NOW we are almost 2 hours into our road trip!

First stop is in St. Cloud, FL to see the boys & their families for a few days.  Going to have a couple of the grandkids stay with us one night.

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