The loss of our Golden Retriever Daisy…

Our Daisy! A couple of weeks ago our 9 year old rescue, Daisy, wasn’t feeling like herself. She hadn’t been for a few days. We took her to the vet. They wanted to do some bloodwork since she didn’t appear to have anything physically wrong with her. After about an hour, we got a call to come in and go over the results.
It wasn’t good news…not at all! Our Daisy had serious kidney failure.
The vets & vet techs at Coastal Animal Hospital in Bradenton couldn’t have been nicer & more compassionate.
Dr. Wally said we could take her to the emergency vet hospital. For the next 48 hours she would have an IV giving her constant fluids to flush her kidneys.
We were ready to go. Anything to save our Daisy.
Then we asked if this would cure her. Dr. Wally said no but it may extend her life. For how long we asked? Maybe a few days, a few weeks or a few months.
This put a whole new spin on this “mess”. First of all, Daisy DID NOT like being away from home…at all! She definitely didn’t like being away from her sister, Tori. And lastly, we wanted to do what was best for Daisy. We talked to Dr. Wally some more. He said there was less than a 50% chance that this would even work. We could bring her home but she would definitely die within 4-5 days…and it wouldn’t be painless.
We decided the best thing for our Daisy was to euthanize her.
We had Tori with us. She knew something was wrong with her sis. They took Daisy to put an IV port in her front leg. When they brought her back in, Tori snuggled with her, licked her face then laid down facing the door. Tori never looked back. They put the IV in. Daisy passed very quick. She just “went to sleep”.
We said our goodbyes.
Tori got up, walked right out to the car and got in. She never looked back.
We cried all the way home, most of the night and on and off the next day.
Tori was so sad. She wouldn’t get up in the morning to go out without coaxing. She wasn’t eating much. All she wanted to do was sleep. We felt her pain. That’s all we wanted to do too. We didn’t, but we wanted to.
We knew we would get another dog eventually.
We were looking online at shelters, rescue’s, pets for sale ads, etc. It was just “busy looking”, just keeping us occupied.
Then it happened! We saw this little fur ball…a black 10 week old Golden Doodle! Last Friday afternoon! We called to inquire about her, made an appointment for 7pm that night for all of us to meet her, including Tori.
Well, we now have a new puppy…Annie.
It took Tori about 36 hours to warm up to her. Now she won’t even go outside unless Annie is with.
A puppy is more work than we remember but Tori is being a very good mom. She’s been going outside to do her business. She walks right next to Tori. She’s going to be a very good girl…and she’s so cute!

20160423_101427 20160423_101624Tori & Annie taking a walk!

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