Getting the Rig Ready for Full Time Living!

Well…the house is sold.  Suppose to close Nov 4, 2015.  We had an estate sale last weekend and sold almost everything we owned.  The house is bare & echo’s.  Our dogs, Tori & Daisy, don’t know what to think.  The cat, Alley, just wanders around looking for a place to lay.  Our 2 boys, ages 35 & 37, came over from Orlando a few days ago to help clean out the garages.  We had a 10 yard dumpster delivered last week for this very purpose.  We filled that one in a few hours & had to have another one delivered Friday afternoon.  These things aren’t cheap, $200 for the dumpster, $60 per ton dump fee.  They gave us a discount on the 2nd one, $150 + dump fees.  Doesn’t seem like much but $50 is $50.  If the boys couldn’t have come over it would have either taken us weeks to do what they did in a matter of hours or we would have had to hire someone to do it.

We took our 5th wheel to Camping World last Wednesday for tires, wheel bearings/brakes check, 45 point inspection & generator check.  We should be able to pick it up Monday.  So far nothing major in the 45 point inspection.  Roof is fine.  May need an overlay in another year.  They found an LP leak that will be repaired.

We are moving the rig Nov 1, 2015 to a nice campground in Bradenton, FL,  We won’t be traveling until my husband gets his business sold.  He owns a Martin’s Famous Potato Roll bread route.  He’s had a lot of inquires.

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